Waller & Company of Richmond Virginia enjoys a tradition of excellence in sales and service. Founded in 1900 by M. C. Waller, this full service African-American family owned retail jewelry business is operated by Richard A. Waller, Jr., a watchmaker, master jeweler and grandson of the founder.

The company offers a large selection of quality gold, silver and gemstone jewelry, watches, and diamonds for ladies and gents. A wide variety of sorority, fraternity, Masonic and Eastern Star jewelry and paraphernalia are also sold and watch and jewelry repairs are available. Waller & Company holds membership in Jewelers of America, Inc., and other associations in the jewelry industry.

Waller's rich history began many years ago when eight-year old Marcellus Carrington Waller convinced his grandmother to let him work on an old mantel clock. He fixed the clock and went on to teach himself how to fix watches and all types of clocks. A self-taught businessman and pioneer entrepreneur in Richmond's Black community, Mr. Waller worked for an insurance company and ran his own grocery store while taking in watches and clocks for repair. Eventually he decided to concentrate on the repair business and set up shop as M. C. Waller & Sons Jewelers. Three of Mr. Waller's sons worked as watch, clock and jewelry repairmen for many years.

Waller & Company Storefront

M. C. Waller's only grandson, Richard, learned to fix watches at an early age. Although he did not realize it at the time, Richard was being groomed to some day take over the family business. After learning all aspects of watch and jewelry repair, Richard became a master jeweler. Since the early 1970's, he has owned the family business and now operates it with his sons, sisters and other employees.

The Waller family and staff are committed to carrying out the family tradition of excellence in sales and service and providing unique jewelry that meets the needs of the most exquisite shopper. Well respected by generations of families in the Richmond area and throughout the State of Virginia, Waller & Company is pleased to serve our loyal customers at our retail store and the growing number of customers who now shop with us online.

We welcome you to Waller & Company and look forward to counting you among our many satisfied customers for years to come.